Debt-Free Living

So you’re paying off your debts little-by-little. The problem is all of these efforts won’t amount to anything if you’re still incurring more and more debt. In order to live debt-free, you’re going to have to make major changes- not just in how you spend and save, but most importantly how you think. Being frugal and careful with your money doesn’t mean you have to give up living comfortably; it simply means you must understand the difference between comfort and luxury. This will require a shift in values wherein you buy store-brand rather than name-brand items or you drive a gas-sipping compact rather than the SUV or sports car. If you have doubts about whether you can make such changes, ask yourself- is being recognized and admired for your possessions more important than being burdened by piling bills and collection notices? Are those things more important than you and your family’s future? Given the choice between financial stability and freedom or a widescreen HD television, which would you rather have?

Living debt-free doesn’t require you make huge sacrifices. As the old adage says, a little goes a long way. Frugality is not a black or white choice; it does not mean living in your car and picking through dumpsters. What it does mean is that you’re more mindful of your spending habits. It means you bring your lunch to work and brew your coffee at home. One of the biggest daily expenses you likely face is food. Thankfully, by making just a few minor changes to your diet, you can end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars each year. Figure out how much it’s going to cost you to eat healthy each day and what kind of foods you can fit within that budget. And by all means, don’t forget the power of clipping coupons. Such things will still allow you to maintain a respectable standard of living without feeling like a pauper.

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